System & Integrations

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

Enabling communication with any other web system is supported thanks to C2 ATOM Rest & Soap API. Call web services or third party directly through the software interface. C2 ATOM was developed based for maximum compatibility with database management systems, software CRM ERP and other management tools you may have already in place. This ease of integration, combined with our expert team provides a quick implementation of the solution.


Mobility is omnipresent and C2 ATOM is no exception. The application is built with the latest technologies in order to meet the demand for support on different platforms, such as tablets and smartphones. 

Continuous improvement

C2 ATOM constantly receives updates and additional features, based our the need of clients and users, with in mind the objective of constantly improving the application and the client satisfaction.

Social IT collaboration

Through a collaborative chat, a social interaction process is supported between technical resources and end-users. This collaboration brings transparency to the processes, real-time visualization and bidirectional communication between end-users and technical resources