Post-implementation Services

Service Levels

Our support team is dedicated to meet your requests using our own C2 ATOM solution. We recognize the importance of such support and we provide quality service beyond industry standards.


1. Incident Management

  • Customer Service support hours:
    • Monday through Friday | 9:30 AM until 5:00 PM (Eastern Time)
  • We offer our customers three methods of communication:
  • C2 guarantees to contact the Customer within two (2) BUSINESS DAYS of receiving their REQUEST for problems whose impact is "critical, high, medium" according to the deadlines described below in the Escalation Procedure.


2. Problem Management

  • A problem is created from an incident and is managed by the Development team.
  • C2 can undertake the correction of the defect at its offices or connect remotely to the Customer within the time limits described below in the Escalation Procedure.


3. Escalation Procedure

  • Incident (impact: critical; severity 1)
  • If no solution (permanent or by bypass) is available, the Development team is directly involved. The correction is provided four (4) BUSINESS DAYS for a defect paralyzing CLIENT operations.
  • Incident (impact: high; severity 2)
  • An issue is assigned to the Development team. The correction provided is one (1) BUSINESS DAY for a defect seriously affecting the CLIENT's operations.
  • Incident (impact: medium; severity 3)
  • An issue is assigned to the Development team. The correction is provided within three (3) BUSINESS DAYS or a mutually established deadline or to the next VERSION of the SOLUTION for a minor defect affecting, in a minor way, the CUSTOMER’s operations.
  • Incident (impact: low ; severity 4)
  • A mutually established deadline for a documentation or technical error.
  • When a new UPDATE VERSION is available, C2 will inform the CUSTOMER and send the update in a mutually reasonable agreed period of time.


4. Request for Change Management

  • Customers can request improvements/modifications by using standard means of communication (phone, email, portal).
  • C2 suggests the use of the portal because there is a form available for this purpose.
  • C2 guarantees to analyze the Request for Change and to communicate the needs and expectations with the client.
  • The acceptance criterion will be added to the application and approved by the client.
  • The request will then be evaluated.
  • Once the efforts are known, C2 will schedule the request by adding it to the Roadmap for new development and a delivery date will be given to the client.
  • The client can then follow the Request for Change from the portal and contact C2 for questions.


5. Intervention

  • C2 can undertake the correction of defects in its offices or connect remotely to the Customer.
  • C2 also offers the services of a team of Analysts for all simple/advanced configurations.


6. Monitoring

We do not monitor our solution on our customers’ infrastructure. It is the responsibility of our customers to monitor their system and submit us as soon as possible any anomalies to initiate support processes.