Service Desk Capabilities, Service Management Functions

The solutions support all major capabilities or ITSM Service Desk processes. Incident management, problem management, change management, asset management (ITAM), the configuration management database (CMDB), management applications, the service catalog, self-service portals, knowledge management and more, are supported through our software solutions.

The frameworks and best practices in the industry make reference. The ITIL or COBIT framework represent solid foundations that contribute to the success of recycled concrete business processes within an organization. In this vein, the C2 solutions are designed in accordance to these industry best practices and ensure the optimal use of these recognized concepts.

Incident Management

This process is the basis of quality service. To ensure this quality, an intuitive management software is essential to the proper conduct of the operations of a company or a public institution.The solutions developed by C2 Enterprise enhance the user experience. Significantly ergonomic and easy to use, intuitive inspiration that underlies the heart of our applications. The incidents follow meanwhile the ITIL approach and, through a comprehensive life cycle. The solutions also allow the relationship of incidents to a problem or a change request. They also provide automatic closing of incidents related to a problem.


Problem Management

IT resources must also resolve situations with proactivity. Effective problem management can have a direct positive impact on the profitability of the company.  The main objective of problem management is to prevent the occurrence of recurring incidents by anticipating by proactive corrective action. Problem management and restores control of an organization's infrastructure, helping to improve service quality and reduce support costs. Using a powerful tool for problem management to switch from the reactive creative workarounds to the proactive elimination of known errors. This proactivity requires permanent solutions that prevent the recurrence of incidents and reduce the impact on the departments.

Change Management

The change management process plays a vital role in maintaining infrastructure and updating the basic configuration management database or CMDB. Asset management and configuration management provides the information change management needs to assess the risks, costs and impact of change.

Most organizations choose to implement change management and configuration management simultaneously in order to give a full strategic control of the infrastructure. To meet this strategic need, asset management, change management and a CMDB are important elements of our software applications, which interact and provide added value to the ITSM tool.

Request Management & Service Catalog

Our solutions also support service catalogs. Easy to use and connected to all the other functions of the solution. It is intended as a management tool for technical resources that use the application daily. It is the same with the standalone services by users through mobile self-service web portals. This process makes it possible to define a service catalog for the company. Our solution C2 ATOM also sets more catalogs and assigns them to various companies. In addition, customizable fields complete the definition of the different elements of the catalog.

Thanks to the comprehensive set of integrated features to the same application, our solutions adequately support your IT department or other business unit of your organization in managing your portfolio, managing service levels, management service requests and more. In short, the catalog helps to clarify the provision of services and facilitates the consumption of services.

With a clearly verbalized service catalog, service requests management is facilitated. Intimately related to the use of self-service web portals, catalog items can be consumed directly through these portals by users. The variety of these applications is extended. We can manage it including IT applications, project requirements, office supply orders, etc.

Self-Service Portal Sefl Service

Mobile portals are customizable both in terms of their design, and in terms of their fields. The automated generation of forms and tasks directly on the portal facilitates the management. A filtered list of services also enables an intuitive and proper use for different user groups.

C2 Entreprise promotes interaction and transparency. These two features make reference to several features in our software. Our solutions enable these portals to be available for better interaction between technicians and users. Thus, they can add notes and interact with resource managers demand in real time.

Asset Management

This process refers in particular to all configuration items (CI) of your organization and provides their definition. It may be granular with customizable fields, while the classification configuration items is supported about a concept record. As for the integration with tools for discovery of assets, it can automatically feed CMDB.

The CMDB component of our solutions offers a complete asset management. You can manage your assets including associating a configuration item to a category, and a folder. You can change the folder, allowing the management of the inventory of a multi-site company. For example, if a computer is moved from Montreal to Laval site, simply edit the file. C2 solutions also allow the CI association with one or more clients.


C2 solutions offer a CMDB (Configuration management Database) solid and fully configurable. Bringing together all organizational assets, the software allows the development of different records and inventories within the CMDB. Built around labor standards and frameworks recognized by the industry, standardization of changes is done based on the ITIL framework.

With import and synchronization of configurable data, system configuration items, their attributes and their relationships remains up to date. This synchronization allows for optimal delivery of services. This reference configuration also provides a systematic change management and recording of relationships between different assets.

Our C2 applications provide connections between change requests and the CMDB. The relational and dynamic aspect of the CMDB ensures that the solution supports client association to configuration items, as well as the interactions and alerts the CMDB.

This dynamic aspect is also reflected in the visual impacts and dependencies. Asset management, documentation, resources and different notes included in the CMDB makes it essential for the proper functioning of different relationships of the system. All in all, thanks to the CMDB, you gain in visibility and compliance.

Knowledge Management

The knowledge base is a major asset. Our service management tools include the ability to document different types of information and, optimally. The continuous sharing of a complete set of data allows users to quickly identify known errors and easily associate them with documented resolutions.

Dynamic Knowledge Management is available out of the ticketing system, offering proposals for resolutions, known error and documentation management. This evolving knowledge base does not stop there: it proposes a simplified assistance resources for the creation of items through the creation and automatic proposal of keywords.

Other Supported Capabilities

  • Event Management
  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Finance Management

For more information about processes, frameworks and used methods, please contact our team.