C2 ATOM - IT Service Management Software

Easy to use and intuitive tool
Manage assets and mitigate impacts
Customize your service desk overview

C2 ATOM is an integrated IT service management software designed for organizations looking to provide highly refined quality service delivery. It’s also an ITIL-ready and codeless service desk built for reaching your ultimate automation potential and operating best-in-class ticketing.

Beyond IT, C2 delivers powerful and flexible enterprise service management solutions for either On-Premise or Cloud installation, putting IT as a real partner for business. Intuitive configuration and fast onboarding facilitates software transition without touching a single line of code or living in fear of the next upgrade.

This intuitive web-based solution generates better time response, time resolution, allowing your teams to collaborate and provide great service for your clients. This integrated system also allows organizations to scale up using cross-departments service catalogs and enable self-service portal to reduce agents’ workload. C2 ATOM also supports asset management, tracking and measuring with relationships and impact analysis.

C2 helps your organization modernize ITSM tools and practice to provide extraordinary IT services.


Following in the footsteps of previous C2 solutions, C2 ATOM is flexible due to its customizable character and versatile to adapt to the specific business unit’s needs. For the benefit of customers, users, technical resources, managers, and decision-makers, this complete IT Service Management platform is aligned with the best practices in the industry while also offering friendly customization options.


Integration with your current systems is fast and efficient. The design of the solution was developed based on maximum compatibility with database management systems, software, CRM, ERP and other management tools you may already have in place.

This ease of integration combined with C2 Enterprise expert team provides a quick and efficient implementation of the software solution..

Full range of service desk capabilitiesFULL RANGE OF SERVICE DESK CAPABILITIES

The solution supports all major ITSM /Service Desk capabilities. Incident management, problem management, change management, asset management (ITAM), CMDB, demand management, service catalog, self-service portals, knowledge management, and more are supported through the C2 ATOM solution.


Customization of business processes is necessary to improve the management of services in each organization, from a sector to another, from one business unit to another. The support we offer is not only aligned with some of the industry's best practices, but also aligned according to this customization in order to improve the  management of business processes.



Intuitive management software is essential to the proper conduct of internal and external operations of a company or a public institution. C2 Enterprise solutions raise the market criteria for intuitivism. At the heart of the application is ergonomy and intutivity. At its core is one of the central components of the application : the service catalog.

Service catalog as the application's coreBUILT AROUND THE SERVICE CATALOG

C2 ATOM is built around multiple filtered service catalogs, easy to use and connected to all the other features of the solution. This intuitive application core is intended as a management tool used on a daily basis by an optimal technical resource. Same goes for the independent consumption of services by users, via mobile web, self-service portals.


These mobile portals are customizable both in terms of their design and fields. The automated generation of forms and tasks from the portals makes it easier to manage. A filtered list of services also provides intuitive and proper use for users.

This portal is available for better interaction between technicians and end-users. Thus, they can add notes and interact with the resources responsible for the application in real-time. The bidirectional aspect of portal included in C2 ATOM improves time troubleshooting and streamlines the time allowed by technicians.

Outstanding user interface experienceOUTSTANDING USER INTERFACE

The application has a user-friendly interface like no other. Clean, easy to use and highly comprehensive, it provides outstanding user experience. The single page application that represents C2 ATOM is a great asset and simplifies employees operations.


Far from the shackles offered on the market, C2 ATOM provides an increased ease of use. All visual elements, workflows and ITSM functions make it easy to solve problems. They allow businesses or workgroups to easily move along with the application.


The latest web technologies were used in the development of the solution.

The features included in C2 ATOM software allow the creation of custom field, as well as ITSM functions in the CMDB, where the configuration items attributes benefit from the same flexibility.


Mobility is everywhere and Service Management is obviously no exception. Our application, built entirely with the latest technologies, meets this demand and provides features that are supported on different platforms, such as tablets and smartphones.



Aligning ITSM to business reality has become more and more relevant and important in today's market. A Service Management solution, showcasing the business outcomes has now become essential.

Here are the significant business tools included in C2 ATOM.


To justify certain actions and to effectively assess the current situation, the C2 ATOM solution offers relevant performance indicators recognized by the industry. These are visually presented in graphical form and are customizable. From the perspective of cost justification and/or resources, these tools are essential and promote a return on investment.

dashboards functionsDASHBOARDING FUNCTIONS

Customizable dashboard functions are also included in the application. Easy to use, this dashboard ensures an optimum overview of the activities from the ITSM software.

C2 ATOM facilitates the decision-making and reduces reaction time.

Powerful Automation and Integrated Workflows

Automation is an integral part of the solution. Escalating tasks, notes and processes enables dynamic and efficient workflows.

The automated C2 ATOM functions allow:

  • automated assignment of tasks to resources
  • timelines of internal resources
  • transparency of the process
  • managing requests for services and therefore, improving user experience
  • the sequential operation of tasks within different processes


The knowledge base included in C2 ATOM represents a major asset. Our tool allows management services to document different types of information. The continuous sharing of a complete data set allows users to quickly identify known errors and easily associate them with documented resolutions located in the knowledge base.

This knowledge base provides several benefits:

  • Sharing and transparency with users
  • Automated self-service function
  • Increased internal productivity
  • Clear and consistent customer approach
  • Facilitates the integration of new staff
  • Reduced loss of expertise


Through self-service portals, the consumer application prioritizes user autonomy. Through specific forms and a filtered list of services, the customer is in control of his actions and instantly sees the resolution of his query.


Through a collaborative chat, a social interaction process is supported between technical resources and end-users.

This collaboration creates three advantages:

  • transparency of the process
  • real-time visualization
  • bidirectional communication between end-users and technical resources