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Structured Training

Our team proposes a structured method for the implementation of C2 ATOM, based on 14 years of experience and expertise in service management.

Faithful to listening to the specific needs of organizations, our team is working on the implementation of C2 ATOM by offering different models, examples and best practices.


Practical Workshops

C2 ATOM reinvents the service catalog concept by establishing it as a central element of its ITSM platform.

Verbalization clinics are a quick and effective way to bring key people together at a table, assimilate concepts and build a practical approach that is right for your organization.

Strong Customer Partnership

The largest alliance around C2 ATOM lives within its customer base.

The C2 Enterprise team is comprised of project managers, seasoned business analysts, experienced developers, and Level 1 and Level 2 support agents who can support you in all of your ITSM projects.


Steps to launch

  • 1

    Identifying the needs

  • 2

    Administrator Training

  • 3

    Practical Workshops

  • 4

    It's a go!

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