Implement C2 ATOM in no time

What you can verbalize, you can configure.

No code, only configuration. The implementation of C2 ATOM or other solutions developed by C2 Entreprise are among the fastest in the industry. No matter if your processes are ready or if you want to launch C2 ATOM in lean mode, the solution is quickly configurable using import, list fields and intuitive business rules.

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For quick-to-start or complex projects

You expect a solution provider to constantly renew itself. That's why we rely on a fast installation in lean mode. By advocating this agility, C2 ATOM supports a large number of advanced features while having the ability to quickly start a project.

Integrate your systems with your service desk software

Our multidisciplinary team facilitates the implementation of integrations with your current systems. Built on an API-Rest, C2 ATOM allows maximum interoperability with existing systems.


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Four Easy Steps

  • 1

    Flexible Configuration

  • 2

    Personalized and dedicated support

  • 3

    Simple or Complex Process

  • 4

    It’s a Go!

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