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February 13 2017

Early last year, we published an article titled: “DevOps: Here to stay, or just a trend?” that touched on elements of the DevOps movement, as well as it’s possible business impacts.

February 2 2017

After many years with your current helpdesk, it can no longer keep up the pace with your needs that have evolved. Worse, you may be trying to stay afloat and manage everything inside an Excel file or an email folder.

January 9 2017

One little-known fact in today’s IT world is that the number of objects connected to the Internet, has widely surpassed the number of human beings on Earth. Per Cisco numbers, the number of connected objects in 2012 was 8.7 Billion.

January 3 2017

2016 has ended and 2017 is starting! We’ve been over last year and now it’s time to adapt, innovate and follow the new ITSM trends. Let’s look at those in more detail:

November 23 2016

Self-service is a practice that’s becoming more and more prominent in today’s businesses, improving client satisfaction among many other advantages. One can wonder why would a client want to be part of the workflow and process behind his service delivery.

November 3 2016

The As-a-service is coming in hot. In fact, it’s already well in place in today’s IT reality.