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October 31 2017

With the recent decades' technological breakthroughs, saying the IT department is no longer the only one to exploit technology and innovation in their work is obvious.

May 17 2017

It seems like we’ve been hearing this forever: automation is coming and robots will soon be able to do our jobs. We’ve seen it with the arrival of computers in the workplace in the 80s and then with the Internet in the 90s and so on and so forth, with the arrival of each latest innovation. 

April 24 2017

Have you ever wondered how to better manage the overwhelming amount of queries and requests coming from your organization's departments? How to simplify and adapt your service management to all departments while meeting the needs of users?

March 23 2017

A support service center is usually all about a varied number of tickets, incidents and requests service. At times, these daily activities become more complex and critical, significant or repeated incidents affect the efficiency of information systems.

February 28 2017

Your company evolves in a competitive industry, but cannot keep up with the pace of internal demands.

February 21 2017

With organizational constraints, the pressure to reduce costs and the constant search for productivity, the notion of self-service has really come into its own.