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October 31 2017

With the recent decades' technological breakthroughs, saying the IT department is no longer the only one to exploit technology and innovation in their work is obvious.

The use of technology is now vital to the effectiveness of a business and its units. This innovation is therefore at the heart of the modern enterprise and other departments must adapt to this technological evolution. However, they still need to talk to each other in order to align both process & goals.

May 17 2017

It seems like we’ve been hearing this forever: automation is coming and robots will soon be able to do our jobs. We’ve seen it with the arrival of computers in the workplace in the 80s and then with the Internet in the 90s and so on and so forth, with the arrival of each latest innovation. 

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June 13 2012
Healthcare IT requires full time intensive care
Nothing requires 99.99% uptime and high resolution speed more than health care.
July 12 2012
Top10 Help Desk Best Practices
We all know that help desk staff members are often just trying to keep their heads above water with the constant and daily deluge of requests ranging from an uncooperative mouse to a logistics error to a major database issue.

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November 11 2013
The new companion to IT Service Management: Global Service Chain (GSC)
This session presents a new companion in managing IT services to meet the Business needs at the strategic and tactical level…
November 11 2013
I have been assigned the service catalog implementation
The first question to ask yourself: Why improve the service catalog ?