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February 13 2017

Early last year, we published an article titled: “DevOps: Here to stay, or just a trend?” that touched on elements of the DevOps movement, as well as it’s possible business impacts.

One year later, a lot of work has been done on DevOps and it’s now much more than just a simple trend. We thought it was a good time a year later to go back and talk about DevOps again, while also giving you a few tips on how to implement DevOps in your business.

February 3 2017

After many years with your current helpdesk, it can no longer keep up the pace with your needs that have evolved. Worse, you may be trying to stay afloat and manage everything inside an Excel file or an email folder.

Don’t you have other priorities than having to constantly extinguishing fires (more than 50% of the time of support teams is spent resolving tickets (Source: HDI 2016 Technical support practices & salary)?  You’re right to think that solutions exist.

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