Reporting & Analytics

Customize your Dashboard

C2 ATOM offers a clear and flexible «dashboard, that you can customize to your liking. Select the type of graphic, the data you want to see, such as your KPIs and even drag and drop your dashboard elements to where you want them to be.

Easy SLA Management

Respect your SLAs by creating alerts, notifications and create priority matrices to help your agents prioritize their actions. The ticket grid also displays clear indicators that notify priorities and outdated service levels. 

Make use of Built-in Reports

The application contains built-in reports from prefabricated SQL queries that you can run on-demand. These reports are based on the popular and relevant reposts.

Gather Relevant Data

Set values in terms of time, duration and type grouping with tools inside the application to gather data for your reports.  You can also export data as a report in a .csv file.