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New C2 ATOM Features Spring 2019

May 22 2019

Built to spark your operations at high speed, C2 ATOM ITSM software offers you this spring some improvements to better manage expectations and ensure greater transparency with your requesters.

Here are some changes to the application that your teams - and your customers - will certainly appreciate.


Start a discussion with a customer with this enhanced chat mode

Because we are constantly looking for channels to better communicate with customers, quickly capture their need and solve the problem, we have opened the chat mode to customers. Here are the feature's basic principles.


1. Creation of a ticket through the portal

On the portal, your customers can start a chat with one or more of your agents by clicking this chat button, which will open a window.




2. Discussion between a client and a resource

Allow your resources to make themselves available for discussions with your customers by changing their “Available to Chat” status.

Clavardage - disponible pour discussion


Once the ticket is created through the portal, the chat function allows your resources to accept a chat by clicking on the “Accept” button or by assigning another resource to the ticket.


Clavardage avec clients


In the request interface, the orange icon indicates that there is a chat for this ticket.



3. Between assigned resources

Since the beginning of C2 ATOM, resources have always been able to chat with each other.

With the new chat feature, only the ticket's assigned resources can send or receive new messages in real time.



Classify and make the best resolution articles available

Resolution items shared with your users are not all equally useful. In order to evaluate the relevance of an article, a rating principle has been added to the C2 ATOM knowledge base.

Thanks to portal user ratings, it is now possible to measure the effectiveness of these articles and ultimately improve their content.


Tableaux de bord multiples C2 ATOM

Both for resources (creators of resolution articles) and requesters, these ratings pave the way for a better knowledge base.



Custom URL designating clear access to the customer portal

Quickly access your C2 ATOM instance with a custom URL. Do the same with your customers and offer quick and easy access to your portal or the “Resource“ view.

Niveaux de service (SLA) dans C2 ATOM



Don't go too far, webhook integrations are coming!

Our development team is working hard to evolve the available APIs and implement new modes of integration. Webhooks make it easier to integrate your third-party systems with the C2 ATOM software.

If you have systems in place in your organization and you are having trouble synchronizing data with C2 ATOM, webhooks will be very useful. Get ready for some new integrations!