New C2 ATOM Features | Spring 2018

April 23 2018

Here at C2, we make sure to take the input and feedback of our clients into consideration when improving our business solutions in order to make sure that we are improving them in the right direction. This is what we did in our latest update of C2 ATOM.

Here is an overview of the new features that are now included in the application. 


Call External APIs

We have added a mapping module in C2 ATOM to the External Data type fields allowing two specific cases either:

  • Map fragments of an API (REST/SOAP) or SQL call result toward a grid cells.
  • Map these same fragments between the fields in a form.


Improved Client Manager

A new grid view is available for the Client Manager for advanced client search, including massive update, create grid templates and export data.

This new C2 ATOM version also allows to target client (through business rules conditions) and execute actions. 


Improved Interface Intuitiveness

We made visual changes to C2 ATOM through the solution; Main screen, managers, tickets, etc. You will have access to readable sections, indicators and character style. 


A new window in the Notes & Email section to view notes and emails for tickets and customers is now available. 


Better Business Rules

It is possible to make conditions for Filters, Search Templates, searches without templates, and interactions by selecting list items in the same condition.


Access Agents Timesheet

In the “Management/Resources” under Timesheet Security, access to one or more groups for timesheet management. 

The manager can move the task, change the information of a ticket entry in the timesheet, and even delete a timesheet entry in update mode.

Timesheet for helpdesk agents


Clearer grid, better filters.

You can select the View Type you need to associate with one of your filters and see the different views in your filters.

Grid and custom filters


Questions or feedback regarding those added features?

We want to hear from you. Users, customers or future clients, do you have any questions, comments or requests related to these recent additions?

Contact our team and we will be pleased to collect your ideas or demonstrate the product in action.

Not a C2 ATOM user yet? You still can test the new features with a free trial!



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