New C2 ATOM Features for Winter 2020

February 25 2020

Designed to improve the productivity of your operations, C2 ATOM service management software offers you this winter season version 4.08.01 which includes a new cloud structure, a simplified management of your environments as well as a new reporting engine.


Functions for a better overview of your teams and their performance

Our team worked on twenty improvement projects these past months, covering different aspects of the software. Here are some of these improvements. All of them will be useful for better supporting your processes and improving your daily service management operations (ITSM).



Updated cloud infrastructure

First of all, we present to you the new C2 ATOM Cloud. The product's cloud infrastructure has been revamped for greater performance and for the benefit of the user community.

Therefore, please note that we will no longer support the following versions:

  • Support for Windows 2008 and SQL Server 2008
  • Support for SSRS

If you have any questions regarding this change to the .NET Core 3.1 Framework, please contact us.


Improved grids and fields

Several additions make all the difference for several customers in their daily request management. Here are some examples:

  • Advanced search and process automation are available on new custom fields.
  • To maintain several amounts and quantities, multiple totals are integrated into the grids.
  • Autofill of the grid through API is now available.



Simplified deployment of your different environments

Many have been waiting for this addition for some time! It's here.

Deploying new versions is now simplified. Thanks to recent additions to the C2 ATOM tool, go from a test or pre-production environment to your production without impact. You thus preserve your configurations and your data, while betting on a rapid deployment therefore reducing your workload.


Improved datawarehouse and report generator

In order to respond to the growing need of the community for measuring activity performance and generating personalized reports, we have added a new item to the Management menu. Our team integrated a new series of functionalities for various IT service management reports.


Data storage

Generated with SSIS (Available with SQL Server Standard 2012 +), the data warehouse is offered with all C2 ATOM, Cloud or on-site installations. The option for reports must be activated to make this tool available.



Thanks to the new integrated tool, it is possible to design and visualize personalized reports. Here are some basic examples:




Further improvements to the portal

We all know how drastically self-service can reduce your workload. Its features lets you work on what really matters and focus on tasks of greater value to the organization.

This kind of results can only be obtained if the portal offers a - highly - advantageous experience for the end user. The evolution of the C2 portal is going in the same direction.


  • Ticket entry should be simple at the gate. To facilitate the use of self-service mode, we have rearranged certain elements when creating tickets.
  • C2 ATOM now preserves your personalizations on the portal (e.g. sorting, order of fields and groupings on the grid).
  • Finally, as a client at the portal, a filter allows me to quickly display my assigned tasks.



Other improvements to the portal are coming!


On reminder

To review the functions added in 2019, we invite you to revisit the articles of versions 3.7.07, 3.7.06, 3.7.05 and 3.7.04, It includes an overview of the chat tool and the addition business rules targets in the Processes menu.


Do you have a project in mind?

If you are looking to improve your service center and the quality of your IT operations, look no further. C2 ATOM is an ITSM software which allows the management of your incidents, requests, tasks, projects and IT equipment.


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