C2 ATOM version 4.08.03

New C2 ATOM Features for Summer-Autumn 2020

September 10 2020

C2 Enterprise is releasing version 4.08.03 of C2 ATOM Cloud this fall, which includes key improvements to its interfaces, authentication methods and system integration.


Adapted to your customers' reality

A higher volume of requests to the IT support team should not slow down its efficiency and undermine customer confidence. A self-service portal can help (offloading or optimizing key tasks from IT staff), but it needs to be built accordingly to customer expectations. 

This fall, the C2 ATOM Cloud service management software has a variety of functions ready for you to impress your customers and better collaborate internally.


Self Service Portal Revamped Ergonomy

It is now possible to further personalize the portal with the help of a customer home page. They can easily access the knowledge base or send a request using the search functions.

By default, a "Home" type banner is displayed. Administrators can personalize this page by integrating a banner. Here are some "home" examples:


C2 ATOM Customer Portal


Portal example



NOTE: If there is a customized logo but no welcome banner, a default banner will be displayed with a colour filter of the heading banner background.

This configuration can also be created from “Enterprises” in the “Portal Customization” section.



Authentication Mode : OAuth2

Several users have also requested the addition of an OAuth2 mode, which makes it possible to manage access to the service provider, without sharing the password. Version 4.08.03 therefore proposes such a mode in the API call template form when the REST protocol is selected. The following fields are then offered:

  • Authorization Url
  • Token Url
  • Client ID
  • Secret Client
  • Scope
  • Audience

By filling in these fields and then clicking on "Obtain an access token", an administrator can give access to a third party API without having to give us a password.


Easily Integrate C2 ATOM with third party systems

Sharing knowledge is often the key to success in IT projects. For ITSM solution administrators, it is beneficial to send information related to requests to collaborative systems, such as the Confluence application.

In response to these needs, the C2 team was able to set up APIs facilitating the sending of fields to other systems.


Better Email Integration Surveillance

Do you suspect a bad integration with one or more mailboxes? Is the IMAP connection unstability causing trouble to your teams? To better prevent these situations (or correct them quickly) C2 ATOM now displays the status of the messaging system as well as the error message to the user.


C2 ATOM email integration status


Document Tickets the Easy Way with Notes and Emails

Notes and emailing are crucial for operations within an IT team or a customer support center. Following the collection of comments, our analyzes have shown potential efficiency gains in this function. Our team saw fit to allow the creation and modification of Notes / Emails from the post section itself.

This is also present in the customer file and on the portal. All the functionalities remain despite the implemented solution, such as the creation of a note or an email. Updating a note is performed using the actions available under the "Save" button.


C2 ATOM notes and emails


It is also possible to write a new email without the use of a "popup" window.