New C2 ATOM Features for Summer 2019

August 15 2019

Designed to improve collaboration between teams and systems interoperability, C2 ATOM service management software is proud to release this summer its new version which includes new automation possibilities, a capacity management process and a series of integration.


Features built for Improving Service Management

Here are some of these features, useful for improving your service management processes (ITSM).


Better Filters

Filters help your technicians display certain tickets and tasks from source lists. The target and the type of fields related to these filters in C2 ATOM are now more flexible.


Filter Impacts and Emergencies By Ticket Type

Whether it's custom or system fields, C2 ATOM community wanted to combine different types of lists. With the new version, all combinations of list are possible when the target is Ticket. Here are the combinations now supported:

  • Custom / Custom
  • Custom / System
  • System / System
  • System / Custom


Better ticket filters C2 ATOM


Filters For All Entities (Companies, Customers, CIs)

Since these filters are widely used and relevant to your daily operations, it was necessary to apply the logic to all the entities of the application.

We therefore added filters to the left of the main grid, namely a Client Manager, an Enterprises Manager and a CI Manager. Tickets from the CI Manager are filtered according to the type of CMDB.


CMDB filters       Clients Filters c2 atom       Enterprise Filters C2 ATOM


Capacity Management

Capacity management is an ITSM process that reduces the risk of performance issues. In order to meet service level agreements (SLAs), customer satisfaction and optimize transaction costs, alignment between service offer and demand is the key.

To optimize the work of each of your resources, C2 ATOM now allows you to automatically assign requests and tasks according to the number of tickets / tasks assigned:

The automatic assignment of a resource to a ticket can be done from a request: In the request manager, choose the option "Depending on the number of tickets assigned" in the Capacity Management drop-down menu of the section Assigned groups.

Automatic assignment of a resource to a task can be done from a task template: In the task template manager, choose the option "Depending on the number of tickets assigned" from the drop-down menu. capacity of the Assigned Groups section.


C2 ATOM Capacity Management


More Automation Options

Process automation is an integral part of C2 ATOM. To make your teams even more effective and do more with less, we have improved some automation including business rules conditions and surveys.


Process : "Survey" as a Target

It is now possible to trigger automated processes or search on C2 ATOM survey data. Our team has added a new "Survey" target that allows you to "pre-filter" on a particular survey and to be able to specify conditions and actions on the survey itself (or the ticket linked to it).

Here are the actions supported in the process:

  • To send an email
  • Set the value of
  • Create
  • Calculate
  • Call a web service
  • Send a notification

C2 ATOM Process Automation Survey


Process: Inverting the Conditions AND / OR

For more flexibility when creating conditions (filters, searches, processes, validation), the latest version of C2 ATOM allows to invert the "OR" in "AND".

It is possible to invert the AND / OR logical operators by OR / ET wherever conditions are found in:

  • Process
  • Custom Field Validations
  • Research
  • Custom ticket filters
  • Public ticket filters
  • Custom field filters


Logical Operators C2 ATOM


Process : "Resource" as a Target

Resource management is a challenge for any IT department. By quickly searching through resources, you can identify areas for improvement. That's why the "Resource" target is now available in processes, search, and APIs.


Resource Target Process Automation


CMDB Relations: Representative Display of CIs

To improve visual representation of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) elements in the Cis relations view, both category icon and label now appears.


CMDB Relations


DevOps Integration

As a follow-up to recent developments, C2 team continued its integration work. Since system interoperability is now essential to ensure your teams efficiency, we have built different integration scenarios. These enhancements facilitates better collaboration, especially between your service desk and your software development teams. Here is a blog post that details the concept.


Multiple Return Values

Inter-system communication is also included in the application forms. It happens to want to fill several fields from the same API, or information to add after the registration of the application. In order to meet this need, API models now have a list that can contain several.


API Multiple values


Webhook Integration with VSTS (Azure DevOps)

C2 ATOM administrators needed a filter for an "update" Webhook case.  The "Content-type" Field allows to communicate in a format that is understood by an external application.


Webhook call


Cascading Calls Directly On The Interface

API calls can also be dependent on one another and take the form of a cascade, with fields of "external data" type. Thus, by filling the first field, the second field is linked to the first field and its API call.


API calls in cascade