New C2 ATOM Features for Spring 2020

May 29 2020

Designed to provide administrators with a flexible and intuitive experience, C2 ATOM service management software offers this spring its version 4.08.02

This update includes useful features to your development environments, as well as a series of tools for helping end users, customers and managers.


For better testing and development environment

To follow up on the improvements made to the previous version, here are some functions of the C2 ATOM software capable of boosting your productivity.


Move your configurations peacefully

With multiple requests and processes to configure and test, administrators can now take advantage of a feature capable of transferring changes from a development environment to one in production.

The solution to transfer data from one environment to another consists of taking a snapshot of the destination environment (e.g. production), repatriating it to the source environment (e.g. development or test), make the desired changes, take a differential snapshot and import it into the destination environment.

At each stage, a detailed breakdown of the results is available.



Authorization List

Parameters such as a whitelist allow teams to operate a development environment without impacting production data, both for cloud-based and on-site (OnPremise) installation.

This new authorization list ensures that tests involving API calls and other automation do not affect your operations.


Managing multiple server licenses

Do you need to activate a license on your production and development environment? No problem. Our team has implemented a license registration mechanism to improve the current validation process. 



Easily change your configurations

As a system administrator, you are now able to apply a copy to the following two models:

  • Field Section Template
  • API model

This kind of copy allows faster entry of information and avoids reconfiguration multiple times.


A mobile application for customers & end users accessing the portal

C2 ATOM now allows customers to access the portal through the mobile application, create a ticket from the catalog, view existing tickets and create public notes.


Send reports instantly to managers

If you produce custom reports for your team leader, your report submission should be quick and easy. This is also the case with weekly or recurring reports, which should not burden your task.

Starting from version 4.08.01, you can plan sending a single or recurrent report by email, directly from the C2 ATOM software.


Monitor each of your business processes

The C2 ATOM user community needed more information about each of the processes in their database. To better monitor the performance of these processes, we have added six (6) new statistics to the process manager to better analyse the time spent assessing the condition and executing actions.



Another parameter has also been added, which identifies which processes are running by the system.




To review the functions added in 2019, we invite you to revisit the articles of versions, 3.7.06, 3.7.05 and 3.7.04.


Do you have a project in mind ? A new service desk initiative ?

If you are looking to improve your service center and the quality of your IT operations, look no further. C2 ATOM is an ITSM software which allows the management of your incidents, requests, tasks, projects and IT equipment.

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