Audit CMDB

New C2 ATOM Features for Autumn 2019

November 28 2019

Designed to improve the efficiency of your teams and the intuitiveness of your operations, C2 ATOM service management software offers this fall the 3.07.07 version which includes useful additions to your daily work, a personalized self-service portal. as well as audit options for the CMDB.

Here are some of these features, which are key for improving your service management processes (ITSM).


Tools to simplify the management of your requests and projects


CMDB Dashboard

Dashboards now use search templates. To facilitate the change, all the filters used by the dashboards have been converted (copied) into search templates. You will then be able to generate statistics on survey responses, on items in regards to customers or companies.




Measure Configuration Items Performance

To measure different metrics related to configuration items, CMDB dashboards allow you to use system and custom fields.


Quick Access : Customizing the application forms

When creating a new request, you can quickly access Custom Field Management to create a new field and enter it directly into the request. The configuration and customization of the tool is now faster. These quick accesses also apply to defining a custom field in the following functions:

  • Application form
  • CI Category (Configuration Item)
  • Customer Form
  • Business Form
  • Section template




Displaying User Picture

It is now possible to add / edit / delete his profile picture in C2 ATOM.

By displaying an image, a photo or an icon of the resource in the bubble on the menu bar and in the chat, it is easier to recognize the stakeholder (s) with whom to collaborate.

In the case where there is no picture, the initials are displayed in a self-generated color bubble when creating a resource or a client.





Real-Time Detection Collision

When a resource closes a locked ticket to other resources, the refresh button is now displayed to notify that the ticket

If more than one resource views the ticket, make it available to the first resource who opened the ticket read-only.




Saving Time with Pinned Tabs

The new version allows to pin a ticket to better manage tickets. We have two (2) completely different memories between the portal and the application.

The pinned tickets remain open even if an "F5" is done. Even if you leave C2 ATOM, the pinned tickets will open automatically.




Improved Single Sign On

Allow a user to log in to C2 ATOM using the username / password of the user's network / session.



Portal Customization

You can now change the color of the icons on the portal. In the Management menu, choose the color of your icons on the portal by clicking on the "Background" field.


Knowledge Base Access

Access to the knowledge base is now more visible.



Online Help

Online help is now available on the C2 ATOM portal. By clicking on the question mark beside a knowledge base article, the user is redirected to a URL link containing resolution details.


Reminder : Check out other 2019 versions

To review the features added in 2019, we invite you to revisit the articles of the 3.7.06, 3.7.05 and 3.7.04 version, including an overview of the chat tool or the addition of targets in the business rules.