Workflow in C2 ATOM

New C2 ATOM Features for Winter 2019

February 17 2019

After improving C2 ATOM interface, the new 3.7.04 version focuses on improving flexibility & ease of use for key features.

Built to facilitate the management of your requests, tasks, projects and inventories, the ITSM software offers more than twenty visual and functional improvements.

Here are some notable changes to the C2 ATOM application that will greatly facilitate your operations.


Even more powerful workflows

To simplify the workflow tree, we added a connector to "close" the conditions. You can configure several conditional elements one after the other in the flow.

These flows are even more powerful and flexible; be sure to use them so that everyone knows when to do their job (s).

C2 ATOM workflow


Create multiple dashboards

Looking to display key metrics to your different service teams? Your current dashboard is already loaded?

The solution is now at your fingertips. You can now create multiple dashboards and customize the display.

You can also increase the size of a block to improve the readability of the results.

Multiple dashboards C2 ATOM


Service level now more visible

The expectations of your customers are higher and higher. Your service level agreements must be clear and visible in a ticket.

That's why Team C2 added a new section on the left side of a post, "Indicators", where your response and resolution times display the same color codes used in the grid.

Service levels (SLA) in C2 ATOM


Improved customization of the self-service portal

Looking for a customizable portal for your colors? C2 ATOM now allows you to control the colors appearing on your portal, as well as the logo of your organization.


Customizable self service portal C2 ATOM


Real-time validation of a custom field on a form

In order to validate some custom fields embedded in your forms, such as a date, a time or any other numeric field, the new C2 ATOM version allows this validation before submitting the form.

This function is also available in mobile mode as well as on the self-service portal.