Improve Knowledge Management & Collaboration through C2 ATOM

August 25 2017

Here at C2, we make sure to take the input and feedback of our clients into consideration when improving our business solutions in order to make sure that we are improving them in the right direction. This is what we did in our latest update of C2 ATOM.

C2 ATOM continuously evolves with the needs of our customers and the needs of the market. With our latest Sprint now available, here is an overview of the new features that are now included in the application. 


Publish Knowledge Items on Client Portal

As a support technician, C2 ATOM users want to publish items to the portal and offer "tricks, documentation, and how to" to customers.

C2 ATOM now offers a page that allows you to quickly search and skim the categories of the new knowledge base.



Assign tasks on the Portal

As a portal client and employee manager, it is possible to fill out additional forms based on an access request in order to provide all required information to the resources.

In the Task Template Manager, we added an option “Include Client Assignation” to assign clients to a task to make it visible to the portal to support this process.



Add Actions in a Workflow

It is now possible to execute actions following the closing of a task in the process / workflow such as sending e-mails, defining the values of a field, adding a note, and so on.

The "Add Action" option that is only offered in the Request Manager when preparing a workflow.



Guided Tour

An introductory pop-up window now appears when there is a new resource. This window always remains accessible via the Options / Guided Tour menu. You also have checkbox if you do not want to display the guided tour at start-up.




Questions or feedback regarding those added features?

We want to hear from you. Users, customers or future clients, do you have any questions, comments or requests related to these recent additions?

Contact our team and we will be pleased to collect your ideas or demonstrate the product in action.

Not a C2 ATOM user yet? You still can test the new features with a free trial!


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