Get a better view of your tickets and tasks - Kanban View, Gantt View & LDAP Login

March 7 2017

Here at C2, we make sure to take the input and feedback of our clients into consideration when improving our business solutions in order to make sure that we are improving them in the right direction. This is what we did in our latest update of C2 ATOM.

C2 ATOM continuously evolves with the needs of our customers and the needs of the market. With our latest Sprint now available, here is an overview of the new features that are now included in the application. 


Kanban view

A Kanban view is now available for your tickets, available inside your main grid and working with requests files. You will be able to configure this view to your liking and visualize your tickets and status more easily.


kanban view in C2 ATOM


Gantt View

Also added in the new Sprint is a Gantt view, allowing you to easily visualize your tickets and the associated tasks in a calendar view. You’ll be able to see the current status of your projects, with which task that is completed and/or to do, allowing for a better efficiency in managing your projects.


Tickets in C2 ATOM

Gantt view in C2 ATOM


LDAP Login

A LDAP login is now available to log in the application, allowing for a secure remote connexion.

A new LDAP section is available in the “Parameters” section of C2 ATOM. You’ll be able to enter the required information below if you select yes in the “Active” section.

Note that the LDAP login is only available if the application is hosted On-Premise. 


LDAP Login

LDAP Connexion


Questions or feedback regarding those added features?

We want to hear from you. Users, customers or future clients, do you have any questions, comments or requests related to these recent additions?

Contact our team and we will be pleased to collect your ideas or demonstrate the product in action.

Not a C2 ATOM user yet? You still can test the new features with a free trial!


free trial