Alexandre Fortin, Quincaillerie Richelieu

Case Study : Richelieu Hardware

July 8 2019

Interview with Alexandre Fortin, C2 ATOM Administrator


C2: What is your role in connection with the C2 ATOM application?

Alexandre Fortin: I work for Richelieu Hardware as a C2 Project Manager and a Level 2 Specialist. Upon my arrival 3 years ago, I became part of the project and started using the application.


C2: What justified the project in the company?

Alexandre Fortin: Being part of a large company of 2500 employees, there are many requests, tasks, reminders and projects of all kinds. An ITSM tool was needed to support this management and C2 ATOM was the chosen product. It had become a necessity for our teams to better handle these requests.

The management of our group had identified this type of system as the solution to our challenges and internal improvement. I personally had a great interest in this powerful and ultra flexible platform. In short, I like it a lot!


C2: What are the benefits of C2 ATOM?

Alexandre Fortin: The simplicity of the application and the way it allows a better job tracking requests. Its flexibility at the process level is efficient and our team feels well equipped.


C2: In one sentence, what does the C2 ATOM Conference Series represent for you?

Alexandre Fortin: Our planning for the coming year! Because these events allow us to see the novelties and adapt the product according to our needs.

It also allows us to know the roadmap of the C2 team and to prepare for other functional innovations. We then leave the head full of ideas for improvement, which leads to some modifications useful to our daily operations.


C2: What does your daily life look like with C2 ATOM?

Alexandre Fortin: The requests come in majority by telephone or email and since we are asked to follow up on these different requests, we spend the majority of our time on C2 ATOM software.

We collect information, contact customers, categorize requests, and manage ticket closures within the platform, while documenting our actions and possible resolutions as much as possible.

For some of our processes, automation allows you to manage tasks, approvals and various email notifications. That's good, C2 ATOM is great to support all this.


C2: Beyond what's new, what does this proximity relationship provide?

Alexandre Fortin: Motivation. Coming to the C2 ATOM Conferences, interacting with the C2 team and learning about how I can transform our own efficiency, is the big advantage of being part of this experience as a customer.


C2: How are the exchanges between the two teams going?

Alexandre Fortin: It's a nice collaborative partnership. At all times, if we have a problem, C2 is always there to support us and find a solution.

I also feel that our partner is listening; I pay attention to my questions, prioritize my requests and answer almost immediately.

Since the beginning of the project, C2 has always been able to find solutions.


C2: How do you perceive this proximity C2 has with its customers?

Alexandre Fortin: It is incomparable, they would "give their shirt" to help the success of our project. These are people who are very involved and concerned about our success.


C2: What do you like about the C2 ATOM workshops, whether at training sessions or at events that bring the entire community together?

Alexandre Fortin: The discovery. It's nice to see a product evolve as C2 ATOM does and be part of it. This is all the more relevant as this evolution follows market trends. Especially at the level of interfaces and key functions, visual intuitiveness is always at the rendezvous. These interfaces make our daily lives more user-friendly and above all more efficient.


C2: In conclusion, what do not you want to forget when you return to the office?

Alexandre Fortin: Apply for an update to the latest version of C2 ATOM. We can not wait to use what Team C2 has shown us!


About Richelieu Hardware

Richelieu Hardware is an importer, distributor and manufacturer of specialty hardware and complementary products. With more than 80,000 customers in North America: kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturers, storage and closets, residential and office furniture, residential and commercial cabinetry and hardware retailers, including large renovation areas.

2,200 people, close to half of whom focus on sales and marketing, and more than 50% of whom are Richelieu shareholders. 77 centres across North America including two manufacturing plants. Our wide array of products, our “one-stop shop” service approach, our logistical efficiency and the numerous advantages of the transactional website translate in to an optimal response rate for our customers.