Ville intelligente et C2 ATOM

bciti and C2 Enterprise collaborate to make residents’ lives easier and create the cities of tomorrow

November 11 2019

Providing smart municipal services

C2 Enterprise and bciti, two innovative Quebec-based companies, are proud to announce their collaboration on the development of new smart municipal services.

Their digital solutions are helping to advance smart cities and the modern citizen experience. Specifically, the C2 ATOM service management system linked to the bciti intelligent platform allows cities that have integrated the system to efficiently manage requests, in real time, from the time they are made until they are resolved by the city.

Imagine reporting graffiti, a critical situation or a pothole with just a few clicks and photos, seeing all the other reports made by other residents or visitors, and being informed of their status on bciti's mobile and web application. All of this is possible because the C2 ATOM solution supports service delivery and ensures efficient municipal operations.


Smart cities and mobility: a “must” for cities of all sizes

Thanks to an integrated solution and intuitive, ethical mobile app, cities final have a single point of access to their systems, while residents and visitors get fast, easy and automated access to all of the City's services.

This 100% Canadian collaboration “doesn't just allow cities to offer excellent services via a single app; it also represents a quality collaborative project with a dynamic team who, like us, is passionate about changing the world of smart cities,” explains Vivianne Gravel, president of bciti.

Modern services for an optimal resident experience

The City of Magog, in Quebec, is a good example of innovation and collaboration when it comes to improving the environment and resident life. Thanks to the synergy between the bciti and C2 ATOM systems, the teams have developed a new resident space. “The benefits can already be seen, including better delivery of services to residents, optimized resident services and more fluid access to municipal services,” notes Claude Poulin, director of the Information Technologies department at the City of Magog.

C2 Enterprise is also very pleased to be participating in such an innovative project. Supporting and automating city services and communications has major advantages. “With the application bridge we’ve developed, requests are managed more efficiently, and resident satisfaction increases as requests are processed faster,” states Stéphane Lauzière, president of C2 Enterprise.

The bciti/C2 collaboration will ensure proper follow-up to requests and reports filed in Quebec's small and large cities, and soon in the rest of Canada and the United States.


About C2 Enterprise

C2 Enterprise supports and automates business processes to ensure an optimal management of municipal services. As a software editor for help centres that's proven itself in the industry, C2 centralizes service request follow-ups and allows for the delivery of modern services to cities thanks to its C2 ATOM software solution.

About bciti

bciti is creating a smarter future by providing citizens, cities and communities an ethical and fully integrated technological platform. The bciti platform acts as a true central nervous system by facilitating access to a multitude of services, in a multitude of cities, via a single app.



Vivianne Gravel, President, bciti

Benoit Lévesque, Marketing Director, C2 Enterprise