Stéphanie Dumont

An Efficient Customer-Supplier Proximity

July 11 2019

Interview with Stephanie Dumont, IT & Business Process Analyst


C2: What do you like most about the C2 ATOM software?

Stéphanie Dumont: Its great flexibility and its potential to support a large number of processes. For us, it seems that there is no limit to meet our needs, always more numerous and important.


C2: How do you describe the relationship between your team and that of C2?

Stéphanie Dumont: They always have an alternative or solutions to our problems. We are very close, constantly working together. As much with our business analyst in charge of our project as the rest of the team, we are reminded quickly. So we have great confidence in the C2 team, we know we can always count on their help, which makes it a great partnership.


C2: Why are you present at the event organized by C2?

Stéphanie Dumont: I am here today to learn more about C2 ATOM news. I intend to present these functions to the team and be able to integrate them into our daily work in the application.

Bringing back information is important for our entire team. As a computer analyst and in charge of the ATOM C2 project, it is a must to participate and then train our people, transmit new knowledge and the full potential of the tool.


C2: What interests you in this kind of interaction with Team C2?

Stéphanie Dumont: This is an event that is very dynamic. We quickly get to the heart of the matter with concrete themes that help us through the various configurations in C2 ATOM.

Release releases on a quarterly basis are clear and Team C2 is proactive in sharing information. This is what is expected of a supplier; collaborate in identifying priorities and targeting the most relevant functional enhancements to use.


C2: How does the C2 ATOM software help your team?

Stéphanie Dumont: C2 ATOM is our main ticketing tool. A Technocentre receives incoming calls from users and all computer incidents / requests are processed using the system.

All requests for acquisition and video conference requests for example are recorded in the tool, making C2 ATOM an indispensable tool given the time saved processing these many requests.


C2: Do other teams use the ITSM system?

Stéphanie Dumont: Currently, IT management uses C2 ATOM, but other departments are interested in getting involved in the project. It is growing because it's a great tool for our teams.


C2: Do you think of another force in the system that improves your support for operations?

Stéphanie Dumont: C2 ATOM gives us a serious help in the management of the accesses which are until now completed by form; the fact that there are several processes integrated into the software allowing us to facilitate the reception of these requests, which will soon be routed through the self-service portal.

This channel will lighten the work involved in filling out these forms and, above all, speed up the completion of approval tasks. The automation of certain processes is a real plus for our organization, facilitating the work of our managers and employees.


C2: In a few words, what is the main advantage of the C2 ATOM platform?

Stéphanie Dumont: The implementation of the system facilitates and simplifies the work of everyone. All individuals are aware of the work to be done, nothing is forgotten. It's a nice innovation for our organization.