Reports & Analytics

Measure activities and projects performance with tailored reporting tools.

Customizable Dashboard

Make sure you have a good overview of the performance of services and projects by generating metrics on all custom fields.

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Be a service management champion

  • Service Level Management & Compliance

    • Locate performance indicators and targets
    • Decrease support times
    • Prioritize requests according to the role of the applicant
  • Customizable reports

    • Query all custom fields
    • Configure by filter, duration or type of banknotes
    • Build your reports from the SSRS third party system
  • Integrated & custom reporting

    • Query all custom fields
    • Export the data as needed
    • Get a quick overview of your results
  • Full history & logs

    • Manage ticket audit
    • Take a look at the customer overview
    • Instantly find activity history
  • Measure everyone's time & efforts

    C2 ATOM offers an ideal timesheet function for all contexts.

  • Performance reports & custom tools

    Share the results of your activities, measure specific indicators and ensure continuous improvement.

  • Clearer overview of your projects

    Manage your projects and tasks simply with the Gantt view.

  • Agile teams?

    Provide them with a kanban mode to quickly change the value of a field, the status of a function in development or change the priority of an application change.


Other control tools

  • Timesheet and Timer

    A stopwatch allows to quantify the efforts made. This can be activated automatically or manually. Go further and use the time sheet function. Save time by exporting your billable tasks.

  • Search templates and custom filters

    Go further with custom filters and, above all, with advanced search. Easily configure these templates and analyze their results.

  • Poll Results

    Centralizing customer reviews on their satisfaction, their expectations and their needs in terms of technical support can give you some ideas for improvement. 

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