Orchestrate your services and systems thanks to C2 ATOM and its interoperability.

Your Service Orchestrator

Easily sync your users' information. By connecting C2 ATOM to your Active Directory, it is easier to centralize all this access and contact information.

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Integration made easy

  • API-REST, SOAP and Webhook

    • Easily search our documentation
    • Integrate C2 ATOM upstream or downstream
    • Operate APIs no matter the plan
  • Phone Systems & Discovery Tools

    • Synchronize assets and inventories
    • Integrate with your call center
    • Reference tickets for quick closing
  • PowerShell Enabled

    • Run scripts
    • Execute Windows commands
    • Enable an application deployment
  • CRM, Monitoring & Billing Tools

    • Transfer prospecting data
    • Monitor in real time your inventory and equipment status
    • Synchronize chargables with your billing tool
  • Ease Up Remote Control

    C2 ATOM can communicate with more than 140 cloud or SaaS applications. Remote support is facilitated by integrations, especially with Bomgar and Teamviewer.

  • Enabling On-Field Initiatives

    Connect C2 ATOM and third-party applications for bilateral data integration. Synchronize customer information, collect inventory, or connect to popular apps.


Questions about C2 ATOM integrations?

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