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We are extremely proud of our team at C2 Enterprise. Every member of our team is an actor playing an important role in the success of C2, which is doting itself with highly qualified professional resources, forming a business that is extremely concerned about the quality of its services. Dynamic and innovative, the C2 team works in synergy to help our client’s projects.C2_employees

We have our team of Business Analysts, who assist and support our clients in their use of our solution. Our Development team is constantly improving and adding new functionalities in C2 ATOM. A dedicated support team that is here to help with your inquiries and last but not least, a management team that is devoted to the well-being of their team and their client’s satisfaction.

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Word from the CEO

Stéphane Lauzière, CEO

Created in 2008, C2 Enterprise has already proven that it can excel in the IT industry in Québec, across Canada and in Europe. We offer excellent added-value products and services, and we will continue to improve our offer and expand our customer base in our target markets.

Stephane Lauziere, President, C2 Innovations

Faced with the current difficult economic situation, private and public organizations and government agencies are being forced to make budget cuts, to optimize their organizational potential, and to provide more services to their customers in order to distance themselves from the competition and emerge from the crisis safely. 

To this end, C2 Enterprise offers C2 ATOM, its integrated ITSM software solution. C2 ATOM allows organizations like yours to optimize internal / external customer service and organizational management processes, centralize information on a single platform, decrease risks, and increase transparency and performance. After only a few months of use, our customers have experienced positive changes and significant decreases in operating costs. They are more than satisfied, and are grateful to have our solutions at their fingertips.

Backed by professional and well-equipped resources, C2 Enterprise is a company that cares about quality service and promoting commitment, integrity and respect. These three fundamental values make C2 Enterprise a great and effective team in terms of working in synergy with and contributing to the success of our customers.

Corporate profile

Our Leitmotiv: Surpass the expectations of your clients and your users.

Software editor and distributor of complete IT service management solutions (ITSM), of help desk and service catalog, C2 Enterprise guarantees an implementation that is faster than the market average, all while aligning with the best practices and frameworks of the industry. Thanks to its expertise, C2 Enterprise offers business solutions that allow organisations to ensure service delivery, while facilitating the work of IT resources/managers and ultimately, surpass clients’ expectations.

Centralizing the management of service requests, incidents, problems, changes, tasks and projects is all possible with the solutions from C2. It is also easy to manage your IT assets or any other type of assets, create workflows for your teams, establish Service Level Agreement standards and measure your results with high-performing tools. It is a powerful, robust integrated tool, ready to improve the totality of your business processes.

Over 15 years of collaboration and successful implementation

C2 Enterprise is regarded as a leader by conceiving, developing and implementing its service desk software solutions in either an On-premise model or with the Cloud. C2 in fact, is committed to work in an Agile mode and in continuous improvement with its clients in order to better answer their needs.  With a presence in many different industries, such as finance, healthcare institutions, manufacturers and service providers, C2 Enterprise adapts efficiently to different business contexts and their technical specifications.

Constantly evolving technologically, C2 Enterprise grows along the ever increasing rhythm of today’s markets, as well as growing along with the strategic, tactical and operational needs of the service management of organisations. With that growth in mind for 15 years, C2 Enterprise is proud to have accompanied hundreds of clients throughout their projects and that, thanks to our experimented team and the offered software performance. Today, more than 10 000 users benefit from our business solutions on a daily basis.

A Highlight solution with an ever-growing potential

C2 ATOM is an ITSM software, designed for organizations looking to provide highly refined quality service delivery. It’s also an ITIL-ready and codeless service desk built for reaching your ultimate automation potential and for operating best-in-class ticketing.  This intuitive solution is entirely web-based, allows for the generation of better response time and resolution time, while also allowing your team to collaborate and offer a best-in-class service to your clients. The intuitive configuration and implementation of the system greatly helps with the software transition, as not a single line of code needing to be rewritten or dreading the next system update.

Going beyond IT, C2 delivers powerful and flexible enterprise service management solutions to its business partners, transforming IT into a real business partner. With the help of multi-departmental management and the implementation of a service catalog, this system supports the growth of your organisation by being able to serve all business departments (HR, Finance, Operations, and Development).  It supports the addition of notions such as a self-service portal, reducing the workload of your team, while involving your users in the request management.

Respect, Integrity and Commitment at the heart of our mission

Quality of service being at the heart of our pledge, we improve customer satisfaction by automating processes and measuring strategic performance through the collaboration, transparency and efficiency of our service management solutions. The three fundamental values in C2 (respect, integrity and commitment) make the organization a strong and effective team working in synergy to contribute to its customers’ success.