Family Portrait : Elie Clouard

November 13 2017

C2 Enterprise is a big family, a team that surpasses itself with the collective work of its members. This family side, this human side, is reflected in our work, our realisations and most of all, in our clients’ projects. Proud of our values and of our aspirations, here’s the second part of our series of Family Portraits that will showcase in the upcoming months, the artisans behind the C2 software products.

For this portrait, we’ll showcase a member of the support team, Elie Clouard, our project manager and Level-2 specialist.

Tell us about you: what is your background?

You bring me back to my young days! First off, I have an integrator profile and worked with the previous C2 product for another Montreal technology company. My responsibilities have extended to database management, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. At that time, C2 Enterprise was the software used to support and manage all customer & services.

Then I was able to use my experience in complex projects, which eventually led me to work at C2, thanks to this expertise that I held with the product of the time.

What are your motivations being here at C2?

At the very beginning as a business analyst, I had several hats and worked on several different projects. Over time (and because of my DBA experience), my role has evolved and that's what motivates me today; new customers, new technologies, new challenges, that's what drives me everyday.

The unified family that C2 represents also plays for a lot in my day-to-day motivation.

What is your role today?

My role as project manager is to deal with special requests from customers and Level-2 support. Analyzis, tests and validations are always necessary, which brings me to work closely with the development team. My role is essentially to manage different technical projects, solve the problem and document its resolutions.

Database management

What’s one daily challenge that you hold dear?

Innovation. C2 ATOM is flexible enough to support a variety of processes and business needs. Analyzing needs is always a challenge, but securing technologies and respond to advanced customer requests is my vocation at C2. 

What’s your favorite tech?

Everything related to databases; how to manage and use this data optimally and consistently fascinates me. I am therefore looking to offer technological solutions to our customers and make this work accessible.

Your favorite function in C2 ATOM?

Two points stand out for me; first of all the fact that we have developed a web platform greatly facilitates its development and our customers operations.

As a part of the C2 DNA, the second element that distinguishes C2 ATOM is its great flexibility. With APIs and multiple connectors, the software is a powerful one!

How’s the work environment?

It's a pleasant workplace and a family. We are a close-knit team that does great things with a product full of potential. Pride breathes everywhere!

C2 Enterprise : une famille

The fact that it is a local product, developed and supported in Quebec, motivates me as well. We all feel empowered by the project.

The reason why you wake up in the morning to go to work?

Knowing that I will be challenged during my day. Bring it, I can take it!

How do you interpret the A.T.O.M. sigil?

I had even initiated the idea in 2011! We were looking for an acronym for "Automated Ticketing Operational Management", which the acronym stands for for me.

How is C2 ATOM going to look in 2020 according to you?

I can see an advanced artificial intelligence module in the application. Interaction (and its business rules) is very powerful, but developing the predictive and automated side of the system would be even more beneficial.

What’s your hobby of choice?

Sport ; jogging, squash, bike and cycle-ball (do not you know? google it!). Food and wine also fascinate me.


Your nickname?

DJ. Because I forgot to mention that I have another hobby, music. I was part of the underground scene in Montreal for almost a decade.

Your message to the community?

Everything is possible through C2 ATOM! 

Your ultimate dream?

Benjamin Button's style ; live longer, stay in shape and keep doing what I do.

Final word

Come see us. Customers who met us trust us.