Easily manage automated tasks and projects

January 4 2017

C2 ATOM solution evolves continuously according to the needs of our customers and the requirements of the market.

Here is a brief overview of some additions now supported in the software.

Improved Workflows

It is now easy to configure and manage the different workflows and projects within the application.

Workflow C2 ATOM

Mobile App now available

We are pleased to announce the launch of a C2 ATOM version for mobile devices. This version is dedicated to the resources or technical agents mandated to respond to requests in order to facilitate their field operations.

App mobile C2 ATOM


Application mobile C2 ATOM

Easily structure your assets

The CMDB has also been improved, offering a file structure for a better overview of your assets, contracts, licenses, equipment, etc.

CMDB avec dossiers

Automatic Timer

Are you concerned about the time management of your team? C2 ATOM now offers an automatic timer for each ticket.

Automate your Asset management

With codeless business rules, you can update asset informations once activities (tickets or tasks) are completed.

automatisation de l'inventaire

Call web services

As a reminder, C2 ATOM can call any web service via the InterAction menu. Depending on the conditions you have set, the application allows you to set an action of the "Web service" type.


Questions or feedback regarding those added features?

We want to hear from you. Users, customers or future clients, do you have any questions, comments or requests related to these recent additions?

Contact our team and we will be pleased to collect your ideas or demonstrate the product in action.

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