Case study : Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

August 13 2018




NSLC was looking to replace its existing C2 Enterprise application with new technology aligned with NSLC’s strategic IT roadmap. Issues included inconsistencies in the client, resource and ticket categorization
data; low adoption of previous product by newer employees responsible for supporting business requests and a desire to obtain measurable data to support service level agreements between IT
and the Organization.



C2 ATOM’s alignment with the organization’s IT strategic direction to adopt cloud based technologies was part of the solution. NSLC needed a solution that supported automated maintenance of client and resource data through API’s through an Active Directory integration. A service catalog and self-service focus were also important criteria to ease up ticket categorization. The IT team sponsoring the project
needed strong automation capabilities.



Business transformation brings a lot of benefits for team operations.

Quicker Operations

  • Reduction of ticket errors
  • New portal functionality
  • Potential to automate client data
  • refresh

Employee Engagement

  • Initial demos were well-received by business units.
  • Improved onboarding and training processes
  • Better knowledge management

Close Vendor Relationship

  • Focused on strong vendor / customer relationship
  • Flexibility based on customer needs


Business Service Transformation

NSLC’s implementation project was a structuring one ; C2 ATOM’s service catalog allowed each business unit to define its own unique services to resolve requests coming in from the organization. The service catalog exercise ensured incoming requests are categorized in a consistent and meaningful way. “ 


The analyst team at C2 did a great job at guiding us through the process” said Erin Arnason. Better usability, better knowledge Both technicians and end-users needed an intuitive tool for better knowledge transfer. New technology and clear business process helped gain buy in attention from teams. With 2000 tickets per month, improving ticket categorization and its related information was a must have for agents’ efficiency. 


Adoption & Engagement

C2 ATOM was broadly adopted within NSLC. The product’s interface proposed a simplified layout that was refreshing for all stakeholders. The project also improved balance and communication of incoming requests to internal business unit resources. “This project was definitely an exciting one for our teams. Thanks to C2 ATOM, empowerment, knowledge management and end-user usability were key to our implementation success " says Erin Arnason, IT Service Delivery Team Lead.

Another benefit was the ease of configuring individual service catalog requests with specific SLA (service level agreements) parameters. Response and resolution times can now be tracked and measured against agreed upon expectations between IT and the organization. Finally, “the extensive versatility and the great flexibility of C2 ATOM”, as well as the service management centralization, allowed us to significantly increase the efficiency of all the services which are using C2 ATOM”, says Business System Analyst Pete Settle. Ongoing and upcoming projects Many projects and service management initiatives at NSLC are planned.

Here are some improvements for 2018 involving C2 team and software.

  • Streamline request setup and expanduse of Knowledge Base to other business units.
  • Creation of a custom form corporate security request.
  • Creation of change management process for a firewall approval workflow.
  • Build in SLA compliance and reporting (IT)
  • Utilize CMDB for IT and Facilities


“Productive service catalogue sessions along with business teams paired with valuable concrete workshops with C2 team allowed us to create business engagement within more than twelve (12) units. Most of the project was business-driven and C2 ATOM easy configuration helped us deploy strong service management delivery processes. ”



Nova Scotia’s largest retailer with a network including over 100 retail stores, 60 agency stores and four private wine & specialty stores. Also serves as a wholesaler to more than 2000 bars and restaurants across the province. The corporation also offers a world-class selection of more than 5000 products from around the globe, supporting local producers and help them bring their products to market. NSLC is a world of beverage enjoyment, friendly, knowledgeable employees and an unwavering commitment to excellent customer service.