Case study : City of Candiac

August 17 2018

Candiac chooses C2 ATOM ITSM solution for the management of its technical support.



To improve the effectiveness of technical support, Candiac wanted to adopt a state-of-the-art system that centralizes applications and is a sound investment for the future.



Candiac chose C2 ATOM in 2017. The system manages an approximate volume of 900 requests per year for a hundred or so users of the City, external organizations and other municipalities in the Roussillon Regional County Municipality.



The City's IT Director is able to see at a glance all the requests for assistance that are addressed to him. It can organize the support service more efficiently and has a system easily adaptable to the changing needs of the municipality.

Implementation of ITIL® standards

Candiac's IT department was looking to replace the five-year in-house system used to manage support requests. Management wanted to implement a more advanced solution, allowing for centralized requests and more efficient tracking. In December 2011, after a year of research, Candiac decided to adopt C2 ENTERPRISE.

"An important criterion for our choice was the ability of the system to adapt to the ITIL® framework," says IT Director Jean Bisonnette. "It was a critical part of having relevant data and better assessing the effectiveness of our services. "


Increased efficiency

A C2 Enterprise Specialist then visits the site to help the City implement its new system. Within two days, the C2 ATOM installation and basic training are complete. Requests for assistance are now made via the Web. They are grouped in C2 ATOM, and no longer scattered in different sources; e-mails, handwritten notes and verbal information in addition to the management system.

In addition, 80% of the City's physical inventory has been integrated into C2 ATOM. For example, the IT department is able to combine a variety of useful information with the piece of equipment that is being requested - for example, the brand, the lifetime, the users involved and the number of previous applications.

"We categorize the requests according to the various services of the City, which allows us to better organize our interventions," adds Jean Bissonnette. "If, for example, several requests come from the recreation department, we will move once to do all the necessary interventions within this service. Before the implementation of C2 ATOM, we could not make such a planning as easily. "


System optimization

The director of the IT department is working on several projects to optimize the use of C2 ATOM. In early 2013, he wanted to integrate the missing part of the hardware inventory into the system in order to have all the parameters characterizing the equipment used. "When we are 95% or 100% accurate in the data, we can generate reports that facilitate continuous improvement," says Bissonnette.

Another projected bonus, the monitoring system will be linked to C2 ATOM so that we can receive alerts issued for this purpose. In the interest of efficiency, on the other hand, it is thought to automatically transmit emails to applicants to better inform them of the processing of their application.

"We do not see any problem making the desired changes, because the system is very flexible and gives a lot of space to programming," says Jean Bissonnette. "We now have a stable solution that can easily adapt to staff growth and changing needs. "

"We categorize requests more quickly according to the different services of the City, which allows us to better organize our interventions. We move once to do all the necessary interventions. "



Sixty years after its founding, the City of Candiac has more than 20,000 inhabitants. Over the years, this Montérégie municipality has earned a reputation for dynamism and respect for the quality of life of its citizens. Located at the crossroads of highways 15 and 30, just minutes from the three bridges and the tunnel linking Montreal to the South Shore, Candiac offers an advantageous geographic location and a wide variety of services. The City also has strong assets for industrial development, which is also booming.


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