C2 ATOM Wiki & Tips


Create a basic client import



1.Open the Management / Imports menu


You must download the customer import template.


Subsequently, you must add the required information to the import file.

Take note :

  • You must not change the name of the columns in the Excel file.
  • To avoid problems with numbers, change the format of the columns to text mode. This will avoid Excel formatting of digits. Otherwise, use a text editor.
  • You must save the CSV file in UTF-8 mode.
  • To avoid errors, please test with one or two customers to validate your import.



Once your import file is ready, you must import it in validation mode to validate that it has no error.

If there are errors, a file "log" will be available in red, it will be possible with this file to correct the errors of your client import.





When validation ends without errors, you can import your customers by selecting the Import button.