Codeless Automation

Automation, Request Monitoring and Unlimited Business Rules

With C2 ATOM, you can automatically route emails to resources associated with an application - customers, suppliers, staff, administrators, etc. You can also assign new resources to queries, change their status or priority. The software operates on the selected parameters and criteria and custom scenarios that you have established. So you can add as needed, to clarify or specify the conditions, describe and characterize the tasks, so that the allocation of your resources based on possible actions when specified conditions are met.

Escalades, Tasks and Automatic Notifications

Automation is an integral part of the solution. Climbing sequential, tasks, notes and automated processes enable a dynamic and effective work flow of your teams. It allows automatic assignment of tasks to resources, greater speed of internal resources, greater transparency of the process, improving the customer experience and a perfect management tasks within the process. C2 ATOM also ensures the efficient performance of tasks specified in the context of a feature. With its intuitive design, C2 ATOM allows you to create complex scenarios.

No Code or Complex Configurations

No need to delve into the code of the application to configure your automated processes, everything can be done from inside C2 ATOM. Tutorials and walkthroughs can also be provided for assistance during the configuration.

Priority Matrix and SLA Management

With C2 ATOM, you can establish priority matrices to manage service levels depending on the urgency and potential impact of an incident.

Service Level Indicators 

C2 ATOM automates most of permitted actions, while also offering you the opportunity to anticipate crisis situations, initiating an action as soon as a problem is detected, enabling your support staff to focus their efforts on solving a particular problem, rather than having to manage only from your application. It also allows the management of response times and resolution times, and then display the various statutes on the ticket gate.