Interesting interpretation of ITIL® V3

March 8 2012

The industry has now adopted ITIL V3 to help them improve management of IT Services. However, if I ask the following question; how many processes do you find in the Service Strategy Phase? You would be surprised at the number of different answers you would get. For instance, many will say four (4) as documented in the book. Another answer would likely be ten (10). Want to know why? The issue is about making the difference between the processes documented in the books and the actual processes you need for a specific phase.

It should be understood that each of the five (5) core books in ITIL® are separated in the main parts: The first is an explanation of the service life cycle phase, the second which is in no way related to the phase itself, are the processes document in the particular book (and not associated with the phase). To see an interpretation of processes for each phases of the Service Life Cycle has documented in the ITIL framework, review the ITIL V3 2011 Model here.

The moral of the story is to be careful how you interpret which process is required in each phase. The real answer should be as many processes you need to be the most efficient and effective in the phase you are improving.

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Vice President, Service Management Practice

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